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Not being able to use what I spent 1400 quid on

Already had rekordbox, thought I could just connect and play. Couldn't. Brought a memory stick which doesn't work. Getting sent from pioneer dj website to rekordbox website without any results . I've got rekordbox, I've got tunes on a memory stick and I've got tunes on my phone but yet I can't play a thing through my new controller, speakers and headphones I've spent 1400 quid on
Steven Ham




Hey Steven,

Sorry to hear that, but need a bit more info - what model XDJ do you have?

Have you imported music to rekordbox and analysed it, then exported to your phone or USB drive?

Are you trying to use the XDJ as a stand-alone unit or as a controller for your computer?

Is the computer a Mac or PC, and which OS version is running?

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