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CDJ-2000 not being recognized by computer

Hey there. I read another thread with a similar issue but it wasnt solved so I try my luck with a new thread.

Both of my old CDJ-2000s are not being recognized by either my pc nor my macbook. Its just nothing happening when I connect them via USB. Drivers on Windows 10 are installed properly but there isnt even any unknown devices detected. As its the same issue for both of my players I cant believe its just a hardware failure (i mean it could be of course but that would be some crazy coincidence).

MacBook is an old 8,2 (15" Late 2011) with a fresh High Sierra installed.





I tried both now. Did it first directly, then with a powered hub - same result. Neither the MacBook nor the Windows PC react in any kind when i connect one of the players. All other functions of the 2000s working just fine.

To make sure the cable etc isnt the issue, I used the exact same one at the same usb port to connect my DJM-2000 and its working without any problems

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