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Alphanumeric Key won't display on CDJ 2000nxs2

When sorting by [KEY] from a USB flash drive the key information is displayed in traditional keys not alphanumeric.  However in rekordbox the whole collection's key column/field is by alphanumeric key and if I use ProLINK it displays correctly the alphanumeric key when you sort by [KEY] but not with USB Flash drive exported from the same computer.

Is there a setting I missed?  How can I get the CDJ to display the Camelot Key when sorting by [KEY] via USB flash drive in the same is does by ProLINK.

I even tried exporting to a new flash drive and same issue. 


When i put same USB into my other decks (RX2) the model displays the key in alphanumeric format so issue is only occuring with the CDJ 2000NXS2

Lucas Andreika