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XDJ-XZ Freezing / What use? USB or SSD?

I have an XDJ-XZ and it crashed / froze during stand-alone events with USB. Sometimes I also use combined (USB & REKORBOX with Macbook pro).
The song was already playing until it was finished, but I couldn't do anything with the console anymore, it didn't receive any commands. I could only give louder or slower.
I use a 128 GB kingston SSD and the whole collection is analyzed and exported with Rekordbox.
What is the usb transfer rate from xdj-xz?
Can SSDs also be used?
What do you recommend to use for USBs or SSDs?

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It was likely the XDJ that had the issue, but hard to say what caused it.

Yes, you can use SSDs as they're pretty much the same as a USB drive, just with faster / larger memory modules and a different memory controller. I personally love the Samsung T5 / T7 drives, but there are lots out there which are very reliable and offer a great bang for the buck.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday is a fantastic time to upgrade your storage!

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But why does the device freeze? Does the usb stick or ssd hard drive have anything to do with it? What is the maximum information capacity that xdjxz supports?

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