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RB syncs tracks from unticked iTunes/Music.app playlist

With Sync Manager > Synchronize iTunes playlists checked - every time I reopen RB, it syncs tracks from a playlist that isn’t even ticked in Synchronize iTunes.

If I delete these tracks from Collection, RB imports them again every time I re-open it. These tracks import to the RB Collection, not to any playlist.

The tracks in question only belong to one playlist (called "_DJ Mixes") in iTunes/Music.app . At one point I did tick this playlist in Sync Manager > Synchronize iTunes, but have since unticked it and tried to manually delete all the incorrectly imported tracks, several times. RB just reimports them again each time I refresh iTunes in RB, or restart RB.

It seems like a bug.

I'm on:

Catalina 10.15.7
RB 6.6.1

Very annoying and time consuming to have my RB collection tainted with a bunch of unplaylisted tracks.

Not sure if it's relevant, but the only playlist containing these unwanted tracks in Music is nested in a folder. 

Also it took some manual work to get Music to update correctly from old OS/iTunes (on an older machine). Again, not sure if that affects this issue.

Thanks so much for your help.

Richard Baron




I found another, possibly related issue. When RB auto syncs iTunes (for ticked playlists, as it should). It is importing the correct tracks to RB collection, but NOT the RB playlist (of the same name). 

Please help!

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