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G.A.P. Gapless Advanced Pitch control


I started with vinyl in the 90's, and I hated the gap between the 33 and 45 RPM +-8% 
The only way this gap was removed is the 2X range and one needs to be 2x more precise, and the "feel" of the 8% range will disapear.

Way before the +-16% was introduced on a 1200, I came up with and idea, that could be used to fill the mentioned gap but kep the 8% range.

The only thing is needed is some more speed modes

33+1/3, 38+2/3, 45, 52 RPM

With this we could use the well known 8% range, keep the 'feeling' of how much adjustment is needed (cm/inch) and no gap between the speed modes.

This could be used either on turntables or your new REV 7 controller.
double tap the available button could make a 'jump up' on the selected mode, (single push is the O.G speed) so if one 'runs out' of pitch range, just double tap and can 'continue' from the opposite side of the pitch slider.

If you implement this, PLS send me 1€/implementation, I guess its a fair offer.

BTW The only thing I miss from the REV 7 is the SL-DZ 1200's reverse knob (much better than the push button) 

dj MadaM