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Crackling/Popping Noise from CDJ900nxs

Recently as I play sound through my CDJ900nxs I begin to hear crackling sounds through both my headphones and speakers which also transfer to the recordings I make. The sounds starts about 20 minutes into the set and gets worse as the set goes on. The static sounds only emit through deck 2 as I'm playing through a USB stick. I've plugged the USB stick and linked it to either CDJ but the noise still only comes from the music played through the 2nd CDJ. I've subbed out all the cords and have tested it on the other CDJ with no luck. The other CDJ (Deck 1) appears to be working fine. I also can play through rekordbox on my computer via a USB Hub (1/A or 2/B connection) and don't get the static noise. I have all the current updates on my firmware and didn't have a problem a week ago. I assume it's something to do with the CDJ or the USB formatting but have exhausted every option. If you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Happy to send you any formatting numbers needed. Thanks!

Thomas McCallister