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Formatting USB Drives Larger Than 32gb For CDJ Use

Just posting how I managed to overcome my problem with my SanDisk Extreme Pro 128gb USB saying Format USB on my CDJs.

Go to Windows Disk Manager, and Delete the Volume. (Backup Files First)

Then Recreate a volume consisting of all available space.

NOTE: Your USB may not appear as a FAT32 Formatted USB drive.

Then download RUFUS (Can use other software to format to FAT32)


These are the settings I used in RUFUS to solve my Problem:

Click Start and your USB will be correctly Formatted and will work for CDJs.

A Few Notes:

  • For your USB to work on CDJs, there must only be one partition, it will throw errors if there are multiple partitions/volumes. (This includes unallocated space, you must make only one partition including all unallocated space)
  • If you use other software, you must make sure that your USB is MBR, not GPT.

Hope this helps clear up how to solve issues, it took me many hours of compiling forum posts, and troubleshooting to find my problem.


Ryan Lawton