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XDJ-XZ 1.23 Firmware + wav files?

I'm holding back upon this upgrade because it has been reported to fail and freeze under certain conditions. The XDJ-XZ group on Facebook has numerous accounts of the XZ not playing well with WAV files now, and not that I use them all that often, I would rather just stick it out until another fix release presents itself.


Maybe put the RX3 touch scroll in there while you're working upon it too. 🤣


Okay, since I'm asking for crazy things now, also give us a WDM/WASAPI/Directsound driver so we don't have to swear about that Voicemeeter tutorial that falls flat when the installation fails, or be forced to convert to analog just to go back to digital via a 3rd party USB box.

Drivers are likely the #1 disappointment coming from an XDJ-R1 where I could just use Audacity natively with the supplied drivers.





No news on fixed update yet

Are you lacking tickets? Do we need more people to report the 1.23 firmware issues?

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