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CDJ 3000 Emergency Loop Fsil

We use the 3000s in our radio studio and yesterday had an issue where the deck stopped audio output whilst still showing play mode then eventually going into emergency loop but with nothing coming out. Check this YouTube vid,you notice the signal drop whilst the deck still shows playback followed by emergency loop. Isn't this deck supposed to load the whole file now? https://youtube.com/shorts/gTW7YuSW6WA?feature=share
Gary Mac




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Yes, the whole file should be buffered, but it's possible there was a problem with the file or the connection in the buffer process. Without knowing a bit more about the setup (your network connections), what source you were playing from (USB connected directly to player, linked player), the filetype of the song being played, whether there are any errors with that file, if it happens every time you play it, etc.... there's a few places the error could occur.

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