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XDJ RX3 Waveform issues

I'm testing a new XDJ-RX3 since about two weeks. So far I'm pretty happy with the system, but I've had several issues, especially regarding the waveforms.

Issue 1: Occasionally, a there is no big waveform displayed for a track (however, the small overview, including cue points, is displayed). This happened about 3 times. I tried to delete all data on the USB and re-export everything with rekordbox to the USB. Apparently solved the problem for one track, but introduced it for another one. (firmware v1.00 & v1.10)

Issue 2: Sometimes, when I press instant doubles, the small waveform on the deck that doubles the track, is displayed in RGB instead of 3-band (which I use normally). (firmware v 1.00 & v. 1.10)

Issue 3: It happened once that the waveform of a track didn't match the music.. it was apparantly the waveform of another track. (firmware v 1.00)

Issue 4: The names of the of the "My Tag" categories do not match the one defined in rekordbox. The category names are "shifted" by one position and the last category is unnamed. 

I am using the following USB drive: Samsung BAR Plus 256 GB. It's formated in FAT32. 
I tried to delete/format the drive several times and re-exported the whole library from within rekordbox (v 6.6.1). It didn't help, unfortunately. 

I highly appreciate any help. 

Sebastian Eisenhut