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Lightning : Virtual Fixture Split

Dear RekordBox,

This feature request is similar/extends to my previous "Custom Fixture"

* FIxture Split : use case

I have a pair of Stairville CLB4 RGB Compact LED. THey are controlled over 14 channels :

1,2,3 for par A,

4,5,6 for par B,

and so on.

Its kinda working out of the RekordBox, but I only can map the entire fixture with the 4 pars into 1 par or Lightning (or did I missed something?).

* So the 4 pars of my stairville are on / off with same color together. *

What I would like with the "Fixture Split" feature is the following :

1) Declare a Fixture "Stairville CLB4 RGB Compact LED" in the Venue

The Fixture MUST have a 'Splittable' nature

2) For this fixture, it is possible to Split into 4 separate fixtures, with each 3 channels.

3) Then, the user is able to associate

Staiville's 1 (left), Par A,B -> Par Light 1

Staiville's 1 (left), Par A,B -> Par Light 3

Staiville's 2 (right), Par A,B -> Par Light 2

Staiville's 2 (right), Par A,B -> Par Light 4





Stephen Kay