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FLAC and AIFF Audio Quality?


not sure if someone asked this one before, I was searching the internet for the answer the I found this https://midination.com/magazine/aiff-vs-flac/

is that true when playing on CDJ/XDJ? Are there any differences when playing AIFF or FLAC? which one is the recommended format? and the reason if any.

Thank you :)





Haha, this article is funny. Whoever wrote that had no idea what he is writing about.

What of the term *lossless* in FLAC is so hard to understand? There is *no* difference in quality between AIFF and FLAC. FLAC is doing compression, but it will always restore the *exact* original waveform.

For CDJ / XDJ it will not make much difference, for AIFF the player has to do less CPU work because no decompression is required. Personally, I am buying my music as AIFF and keep it as this in Rekordbox / USB export.

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