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RMX 1000 for Ipad no Sound Issue

Good morning,

I just purchased the above App.  Using an Ipad Pro 2 with a DJM 900NSX2.  I made sure to allow Local Network Access.  My issue is if I open app and play around with the Sound Effect or drum beats the app works fine.  As soon as I connect headphones or connect to my mixer no sound comes out.  I've tried opening/closing - repowering and other basic fixes but nothing seems to work.  I'm sure it just a setting somewhere but I can't figure it out.  Am I missing a plug in?  Is that a common problem?  Any ideas?  

Thank you for your help in advance.


Michael Wesselhoft




If you have the iPad connected to the DJM on the digital S/R, are you sending the app audio, and do you have the S/R enabled?

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