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Fine pitch shift (Rekordbox)

Pitch can currently only be adjusted by semitones. A lot of music (espcially older electronic) is quite out of tune with standard tuning - the perils of analogue equipment and manual tuning dials on the back of synths!


1. In Export and Performance modes, allow pitch to be fine adjusted in cents (=100th of a semitone) by long clicking on the displayed key under "key sync" and dragging up or down to a maximum of 50 cents either way.

2. Display the cents change in a tooltip-style pop-up for the duration of the long click.

3. Alter displayed key text to italics when a fine adjustment is in place.

4. Show fine tune adjustment level (e.g. "+0.35 cents") in a tooltip if hovering over key display and tool tips are active.

5. Optionally: allow any fine tune adjustments to be locked when clicking the padlock icon in grid edit. This would allow users to tune a song to standard tuning once and then shift up/down in full semitones during performance as/when required.

6. In Performance mode, whenever a fine adjustment is set, retain function of key sync < > chevrons to shift up or down by full semitones. Example: a song's key fine adjustment is set at +33 cents. Clicking to pitch up a semitone sets the key at 1.33 semitones aka 133 cents. Conversely, clicking to pitch down a semitone would set the key to -0.67 semitones aka -67 cents.

7. Double click on displayed key under "key sync" to reset to 0 cents (if fine adjustment has not been locked).

This would make me so happy! No more clashing keys.

Dave Donnelly