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Hot Cue and Loop Behaviour Issues


I am having troubles with both of my CDJ 2000NXS2 doing some weird things when I hit the hot cue buttons.  This strange behaviour happens about once every hour.  I have firmware version 1.85 installed on the decks.

1. When in an "orange" looped hot cue, the CDJ will simply not loop and play past the end of the loop.  You can hit the hot cue button for that loop and it will do the same thing again.

2. Hit one hot cue and the CDJ will go a different hot cue loop.

3. The CDJ will play pas the end of a hot cue loop, play for a while, then by itself go to the hot cue you pressed later on.

I have provided videos for this behaviour in a .zip file at the link below:


Thanks so much for your help!


Brett Thomas