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Rekordbox Will Not Open - Tried everything I know

Hi, rekordbox will not open on my computer.

I have tried, renaming both some then all the datafiles
I have tried completely uninstalling it
I tried installing an older version, installs of both 5 & 6
I tried making sure the firewall was not blocking the incoming signals, i also tried disabling it completely

I tried uninstalling all versions, completely nuking my playlists in the process

I have nothing plugged in to my machine

I get no pop ups, beyond the splash screen and the loading back of tracks being read, they dissapear and then thats it, nothing.

Nothing has worked, I contacted support 2 days ago & sent attached a system report, I have heard nothing back but the support request was accessed 10 hours ago

My machine:

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

MBP 13" 2017

2.3Ghz i5



Please help

Thank you

amelia preston 回答済み



Hi Amelia,

I see your ticket was submitted on Friday; the European support team will be getting to you on Monday morning - thanks for your patience.

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