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'One or more files were not exported' Question

(Rekordbox Version 6.6.3 rev.22582-19720-19567 x64)

(Windows 11 up-to-date)

(Samsung BAR Plus 64GB 300mb/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive)

(Exporting/Syncing from Rekordbox to Thumb Drive, Library is locally stored AIFF files on my computer)

Hi there,

I've been cleaning up my music library the past few weeks and as I replace/delete files I'm now getting this prompt after USB export advising 'one or more files were not exported', however when opening the log file it simply shows two blank lines...no file names are shown. Log file pasted below for reference, I simply want to clear these blank lines and curious to know where these blank records are being pulled from in my library and how to clear them and have a clean export with no error going forward.


One or more files were not exported. 
Track(s) were not exported due to the following possible reasons.
[1] - The file doesn't exist.
[2] - The file is in the format that CDJ/XDJ/mobile device doesn't support.
[3] - The file could not be copied.
[4] - Track analysis data is corrupted or doesn't exist.
[5] - Error occurred in the USB/SD/mobile device.

    Track Title    Location


Thanks in advance!


Jason Gallagher