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Rekordbox - Automix with XDJ XZ


My request is another one about the automix feature.

The automix feature currently runs only in internal mix  mode. Actually the only way I find to run automix is changing the default ASIO driver into the Windows Line driver.

This divres the output to channel 1 and automix can run on this channel.

Now when I want to start the manual / normal mode, I have to go back to the ASIO drivers - and that cuts the sound for 1-3 seconds

I find no way to do the change smoothly.

SO my feature ruquest is the followings :

The parameters of the Automix MUST include an ouput channel (eg CH3 or CH4 on XDJ XZ). Choosing this output MUST make possible running the Automix in external mode. 

When choosing the channel for the Automix, that channel MAY be not available for Rekordbox - eg just like if the channel was used by an external line input.

The user MAY have to turn the switch of CH3 / CH4 to Line input in order to make available automix go to through given channel.


I think that this is a very demanded feateure - I'm comming from Traktor and the "Cruise" mode is running perfectly without any constraints about "external" or internal mix mode


Thank you very much for your consideration about this critical new feature request.




Stephen Kay