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Moved iTunes library, relocated files for Rekordbox, but now certain files are missing memory and cue points - HELP

I moved my iTunes (music) Library to be backed up via drop box - I was able to relocate all of my files (using auto relocate, it took awhile) - But now the memory and cue points are missing are certain songs when I load them... Some songs aren't missing them. I have a song that I loaded from an iTunes playlist and it was missing cue points - but if I loaded that same song from an old rekordbox playlist it still has the cue points... so the data is somewhere on my computer. There are songs that I can load directly from an iTunes playlist that will still have the cue points though.

Joshua Nathan




Sounds like you had imported, moved, then imported again, resulting in duplicates. Can you confirm that may be the case? Sort by song name for a song which is missing the cue points and see if it has a twin which does have the cue points.

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