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Synced players suddenly play "fast forward" like a glitch when loading another track


in one gig I was playing with 3 decks (CDJ 2000NXS2), and sometimes the tracks would suddenly play super fast as if winding forwards. I meticulously analyze my tracks and make sure the beatgrid is nice and neat. I think it was when loading a new track. sometimes i play ambient tracks with a very different BPM as an additional layer, and if i remember correctly this "utility" deck was the leftmost player with the stick in it. what went wrong there? did the master jump on that deck making sync go wild? im not sure if at that moment(s) the utility deck was synced or not, also dunno if the master jumped on it or not. i remember i had to press some sync buttons to fix it when it was happening, and i think i manually set the master all the time to avoid it. the other two decks playing techno were synced for sure. im a bit scared that it happens again. How does the master jumping work exactly? Should I have my utility deck at the right side and unsynced all the time? or in a separate stick even? Maybe it is a known issue so i was wondering if there are any insights on this. thank you.

Ferrand Baum