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Sync issues

I have had nonstop beat sync issues ever since I got my ddj800...everytime I have a programmed loop I can literally hit the buttons exactly at the same time and one starts to slip of of beat match within one loop. Half the time, they don't even start at the same time. Oddly enough, my friend has an xdj and it was like butter compared to this, didnt have any issue......it's so bad I am debating just going back to djing in ableton and selling this hunk of junk if I can't even get the software to sync..literally bougut these thinking it would be easier and more fluid and its been the exact opposite....I feel like I tried every setting combination but if anybody has any input it would greatly be appreciated. I've already painstakingly zoomed all the way in on each grid to align the loops so I'm pretty confused on what to do. Maybe a four bar auto loop would help? I'm just at my wits end.....

Jon Langfor




From:  https://www.reddit.com/r/Rekordbox/comments/v3imu5/comment/iaz6r56/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

some quick test in RB 6.6.3.

So when I'm not looping at all, just playing tracks at 126 bpm, they stay in sync.

When I loop without sync, they slowly drift apart. Using sync seems to help to keep them on beat. The shorter the loop (like 4 beats), the quicker they drift apart. This is probably why I never really noticed as If I do ever loop, it's usually 2 to 8 bars.

In 4 deck mode, there was some observations I made while running 4 and 8 beats loops:

  • deck 1 + 4 seems to stay in sync together without SYNC

  • deck 2 + 3 seems to somewhat stay in sync together without SYNC, but slowly drifts off

  • deck 2 seems to drift off (slower) than deck 1

  • deck 3 seems to drift off (faster) than deck 1

  • deck 2 seems to drift off (slower) than deck 4

tl;dr version: looping on deck 1 and 4 together seems to be more stable in my version of RekordBox on Windows 10 Pro (the 4 beat loop went on in beat without sync for 20 minutes). Absolutely no idea why. Looping on other decks drift off for me within 1 minute.

Seems like there is a problem inside RB to keep all the decks in sync when looping. Perhaps a race condition?

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I've had this lately as well. Just been doing a mix and 2 tracks stay in time until the active loop kicks in and then it drifts. Even if I have sync on or off, the tracks drift even when the BPM show the same.

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I am having major issues with sync, using DVS and timecode on 1210s is impossible and unfortunately is nothing short of a joke.


On internal mode, it is better but still drifts, mixes always seem terrible. Loops seem to be a major issue here. There is no way I have the confidence to use this software playing out, which is a shame as I have invested a fair chunk to move into the pioneer ecosystem.


Maybe there are a few tricks with settings that may help?.

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