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Rekordbox and MacOS Ventura (13.0)

Hi all,

FYI I am beta testing MacOS Ventura and I can confirm that there are issues using the new OS with Rekordbox.

- Rekordbox is not stable (crashes sometimes)
- Rekordbox does not read in iTunes music completely, even when you refresh
- Rekordbox does recognise USB thumb drives in 'Explorer' but not as 'Device' in Rekordbox so you cannot copy playlists/music
- Network does not seem to work in Rekordbox (no link active) so you cannot use it in Export mode

So in a nutshell: do not upgrade to a (beta) version of MacOS Ventura yet if you use Rekordbox. And it seems that Pioneer DJ needs to do some testing and possibly some coding in a future version of the software to be able to be supported on Ventura later on.


Kris Van Hullebusch 回答済み



Pioneer DJ does not recommend using any beta OS as there may be unexpected performance issues with software or drivers. We do not support unreleased OS's and typically begin testing of our products once the final public release is available to ensure that there are no last-minute changes between the beta and public versions (as has occurred in past). As such, there may be a delay between the public launch of an OS and official support as we validate our products.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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