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Move the "Centre" line to the left, see more of what's coming/less of what's been and gone

OK so firstly, yes I know you can zoom out on the waveform so you can see more of what's to come, but don't want to make the waveform so small/slow rolling...it's not that functional 

Mixing house/techno et al, I don't give a rats about what's been and gone, why is HALF the screen real estate, no matter how much you zoom in or out, taken up by information that's been and gone???  If I'm jumping back to a previous part of the tune, it's with a hot cue, which is likely to slide off the screen pretty quickly anyway...you could MOVE that "centre" line off to the left, so you have 25% been and gone and 75% of what's to come in the waveform scroll, that would be MUCH more user friendly so most people I would imagine


Random Kiwi




If this can be implemented on the CDJ 3000's surely this can easily be rolled out on Rekordbox. 

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This would be great if it could be an option implemented on an update to the RX2/RX3 as well.

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