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SOME music from iTunes not dragging to Rekordbox

For some reason, only some of my tracks are moving into Rekordbox when I try and drag in from iTunes.

I have all my music sorted into Playlists in iTunes, so I just want to mirror those in Rekordbox so I can group them into folders (which you obviously can't do using the direct iTunes sync in Rekordbox).

So say I have 100 tracks in an iTunes playlist; I click and drag them into Rekordbox; but only 10-15 will actually move.  No obvious difference between the tracks - all same format, all downloaded, all in the same place on my hard-drive etc..

And it to make it even more confusing, if I go and mind the track in 'Finder' on my Mac (same location that iTunes thinks it is), I can drag it into Rekordbox from there no problem.  But clearly want to avoid having to go track-by-track!

Any help or advice would be amazing!

Charlie James




Looks like my settings were set to 'Framework', but also changed this to XML and same result.  Checked the .xml file path was correct too.

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