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Cdj 2000s Issue running with Djm800 through rekordbox 6

I have 2 CDJ 2000s and a djm800 and currently trying to run rekordbox in hid mode, the issue im having after connection is sound quality through the mixer, if I run both through the same channel the audio is clear, like its supposed to be. when I change the settings in order for the audio to run on channel 1,2, deck 1 will come out clear and deck 2 with come out with distorted audio. I can switch it and make deck 2 the one with clear audio and deck 1 with the distorted audio. my question is how to fix this. like I said both audio run great if I run the master out the same channel. but I want to be able to run the audio through my channels on my djm800. ill greatly appreciate if someone can help me with this issue. 

Godi Aragon