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DJM-900 NXS Not Recognized in Rekordbox


DJM-900NXS, 2x 1200s, 2x CDJ-850s, 1 DDJ-XP2, Rekordbox 5.8, Macbook Pro running Mojave 10.14.6.

What's the issue: 

I've hooked up all my gear to the DJM. All knobs are turned to USB, the CDJs are in the Line input and are connected to USB to be used in HID mode, the 1200s are in the Phono input. Use the USB port to connect my DJM, but it doesn’t recognize that the DJM is a sound card and not an input (USB 1/2 aka Channel 1 Phono.) All firmware, software, and drivers are updated.

What I've done:

Swapped USB cables, uninstalled/reinstalled DJM drivers, tried changing output/channel settings in the DJM driver area, and installed the CDJ/XDJ aggregator - I haven't been able to do an uninstall/reinstall for the aggregator...it keeps installing over itself (it shows I have 3 copies in the midi/extras area.)

For the DJM soundcard issue, this is how it's connected:

Input Record: DJM-900NXS: (REC OUT)

Input Deck 1: DJM-900NXS - I have it at CH1 Control Tone Phono, but I lose USB 1/2 (Channel 1.) If I switch to another input on the mixer, I'll gain the channel, but lose the ability to connect to the computer via USB.

Input Deck 2: Line Input w/audio cables

Input Deck 3: Line Input w/audio cables

Input Deck 4: CH4 Control Tone PHONO


Outputs -  keep in mind these channels won't work properly because the DJM-900 isn't recognized as a soundcard to be used in conjunction with USB 1/2 -

Output Deck1: CH1

Output Deck2: CH2

Output Deck3: CH3

Output Deck4: CH4