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Pioneer DJM V-10 Assigning Beat Function

My apologies if this has already been mentioned. I may have already found the answer in manual for the V-10. 

When I'm assigning the ECHO effect on any of the channels (1-6), it's not audible through the headphone QUE button on the channels. I can only hear the effect on master output. I've been perplexed about the matter. Thinking all the effects are assignable to one of the selected channels... thus, the purpose of the BEAT FX ASSIGN button, per channel. 

However, I've noticed in the manual, under the section of BEAT FX descriptions, on page 61-65, the following beat functions: DELAY, ECHO, PING-PONG, SPIRAL, REVERB, & SHIMMER all have the numbers 1 & 2 next to their names. Then, on page 65, designates the meaning for 1 & 2 and it states these effects can not be monitored with the cue. Am I correct in assuming that you can not hear the affect on the cued channel and only on the master for the selected channel? To be clear, if I assign ECHO on channel 4, and the channel-4 que is on, I will not hear the effect applied through the channel-4 que, however, I will hear the effect of ECHO, from channel-4, via the MASTER.

If this is the case, what's the purpose of not hearing these effects via que for the selected channel? Does it make it more costly to add these effects via the que. I wouldn't think so, since this isn't the case for the other beat effects. Or am I missing something hear? Are the BEAT FX assigned like this as well on DJM-900NXS2 with the inability to hear certain effects via the channel ques?

Lastly, could these be changed via firmware update where all BEAT FX could be heard via a selected channel cue?

Thank you for your time.

To be clear: I am more than blown away by this mixer. I couldn't be happier and I'm just hoping my mixer is broken. I owned a DJM-1000 for 14 years and didn't see any reason to update my mixer. However, when the DJM V-10 came out... well... I had to get it. This mixer is truly a radical evolution in mixers. The SEND functions can add so much layering to tracks. The compressor functions make my old vinyls sound more up to date when mixing with wav.files (no more of turning up the gains when mixing with vinyl or low volume tracks). I finally understand the importance of HPF and LPF... . When I bough the DJM-1000, I thought Pioneer would never put that much detail and focus in a mixer again where it would be apparent in the cost. I can not say enough about the DJM-V10. It's worth the price of admission. I just hope Pioneer markets this mixer. I feel most people don't have clue on its capabilities.



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The "can't preview in headphones" note is simply to indicate that those effects are post-fader, which places them after the headphone cueing, so they could only be monitored in the master cue.

Glad you enjoy the V10, it's amaaaaaaazing! :D

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