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DJM 900 nxs2 bug USB Imac pro

I currently have a problem with my DJM 900 nxs2 connected in USB with my Imac pro 2017. No sound comes out, when I select my DJM 900 nxs2 in output in my Imac pro, the sound freezes and cuts, as much on youtube , spotify or any other audio software and when I switch to another USB interface, the sound resumes.

I do not understand anything, I specify that before doing the update to go to Catalina it worked very well with mojave. I also have 2 macbook pro which I have updated to Catalina which works perfectly with my DJM 900 nxs2 with a USB A socket and the other USB B in the DJM 900nxs2 at the same time.

My mixer is up to date in 2.07 and in the settings utility my DJM 900nxs2 is noted as connected to my imac. I tried several times to uninstall and reinstall the drivers but without success, the sound still does not come out of the DJM 900nxs2.

Here are some screenshots to understand the problem. And I specify that the USB cables are new. The problem really comes from the imac pro.

Help me solve the problem because I am fed up and I absolutely need this function for my work. I have been trying to solve this problem for 1 week.

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Here are other screenshots when I uninstall and reinstall the drivers, I was in the system info to see if the drivers had been blocked in security and privacy and there is nothing ...

the DJM appears well in my sound preferences

no authorization windows after reinstalling the drivers ...

when I select the djm 900nxs2 in rekordbox, the sound appears like that and impossible to play on the music that I insert on the turntables. If I open ableton live or logic and select the DJM 900nx2 it's the same, no sounds ...

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