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DJM V-10 and DAW Algorithms

Topic for discussion. I’m a huge Pioneer fan and have been for a long while. I truly love everything about Pioneer and the evolution of technology at your fingertips while performing. 

This discussion is about the Pioneer DJM-V10. I own a 900 nxs2 and love this mixer. I totally understand the V10 and have been very lucky to have a wonderful friend of mine bring his new mixer into my studio. 

This discussion is about the different DJ platforms “Traktor, Ableton, Serato” and the different algorithms these softwares provide while playing live on the DJM-V10 

Having used Ableton since 2009 I’ve noticed that with Ableton the sound quality on this mixer isn’t as warm as Say Traktor. My friend uses Traktor and we are using link. I’m using Ableton. I’ve always believed that when using Ableton never to go into the red on channels. However when we have the gains set properly on the mixer Traktor’s output seems warmer then Ableton. When I have my channels set at infinity it’s very close to traktors warmth. However my channels are now in the red. 

When I have my channels set say at -7 I don’t run into this but the warmth isn’t where traktors warmth is. Now If I use the comp knobs I can the get warmth to where it should be on the V10

I love that this is a new concept in mixing, but wanted others input on possible algorithms with the digital platforms and maybe if your running into the same issues. 

Lots of love.. Enjoy talking about this amazing gear. 


Ps - on the Nexus 2 I’m not running into this issue. 

And this very well could be the different algorithms each software uses.. 

Also understand this mixer is more geared towards Techno, Tech-house, House and all the in-betweens 

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