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Linux support because these days, producers aren't morons.

Actually, they never were. If you're competent enough to arrange, mix, master, distribute and publish a 432 track song as the head of your own self cultivated team, well, let's just say that you've questioned owning Windows OS a few months into learning all of your keyboard commands.

Why am I writing this?  Adair's instagram account was breached 2 days after my friend's account sent me the same phishing link.

Why do I know this?  Adair sent me the same fucking link.

How does this apply to Linux?  Because Windows 10 turns your desk/laptop into target. It is mandatory that every piece of information you are forced to surrender to Google is then logged by Microsoft when they purge all of your saved forms and cookies that you, the user, either forgot or chose not to delete. No less than 2 months ago, 120,000 accounts were ripped from Microsoft's servers (including os, build, system version, emails, phone numbers, *this list goes downhill fast).

On Linux, privacy violations of this scale are unlikely due to numerous reasons, most of which the entire linux community can agree on.

1. Ubuntu/Debian in specific disables root by default. Passwords first have to be cracked to enable user enumeration. This is tedious. It's not a necessary step for stealing information when targeting Windows users. Hackers go for the lazy option 9/10 times.

2. The majority of Linux distros are open-source. Windows installs and retains numerous back-doors which are easily exploited when found (120,000). Linux users collaboratively patch these out as they're found, making for a more secure distribution.

3. The install base is small enough that it's not worth attacking Linux users. We're here because we enjoy owning our machines and that privelege can not be taken from us.

I would suggest 1 of 2 things. 1. Give us the source and we can develop a bridge or 2. Use that CDJ money to make the software producers are forced to rely on, functional. It isn't even there on windows so at the very least, let people who understand computers give it a shot. If anyone else has anything to say about this, please do.

Micah Hobson