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DJS-1000 Slave mode... PLEASE!!!

So something I have notices with the DJS-1000 is that you can not set it as a slave. I really would live this for live sets. I mix by key and I have to reset the master for my decks when I sync it to my decks. I don't sync the other decks (I run 3 CDJs). 

Sadly after the other track is finished rather than go to the next CDJ in the lineup, my DJS-1000 becomes the master. I really do not like this. I would like this to just be a slave. 

PLEASE!!!! Pioneer can you bring this back from the Toraiz SP-16? I like how the DJS-1000 has more control over the 16 samples, but I do not like how it tries to become the master for all the decks. 

Also your software sucks, would be nice if your would also make an attatcment for the DJS-1000 that has Midi Panning and Throw Faders on it for each sample channel, with a button to select the channel, and a fader for master out. would make live mixing a lot better. 



  John Mulholland

Moon Disco