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XDJ RR - Playback position drifting whilst scratching even with 1.03 and standalone

Pioneer DJ XDJ RR - used in standalone, not with Rekordbox, and the jog wheel drifting is still there, if I try to scratch and nudge slowly, even with firmware 1.03.

I just bought the unit so it already has the latest version: 1.03.

Try it yourself:

1. Load a track on deck 1.

2. Long press "Sync" on deck 2.

3. Now both decks should play the same track, synchronised.

4. Try to put the tracks in or out of phase with slight nudges of the wheel (to get the real flanger sound) 

5. You can't because the resolution of the track adjustments and the jog wheel itself is bad. 


Example 2:

Load a track and keep it on pause. Then try to move the wheel slow, just like you would like to find the exact beat position - it's impossible to move the waveform in small increments.


Paul Hoda