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XDJ-RX Mic Input


Looking to connect a mic to the XDJ-RX (Behringer XM8500) which can just go XLR-XLR into the back. 

My question is, if the input signal is low, I can run this through my soundcard (Komplet Audio 6 MK1) and into the XLR right? 

The outputs from the Komplete are dual 1/4 jacks but the mic input is a single XLR or 1/4 jack. Can I therefore just buy some kind of dual 1/4 jack to male XLR to convert it? Will that mess up the signal in any way? 

So ideally looking to do:

Behringer XM8500 > Komplete Audio 6 (XLR>XLR)
Komplete Audio 6 > XDJ-RX (Dual balanced 1/4 Jack > Single XLR or 1/4 Jack)


P.S. I'm not sure if the gain will be low, I guess that's a question as well

Kev Dorward