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RMX 1000 & DJ DJM-900 NXS2

With the original DJM 900 NXS i was able to cue the sampler of the RMX 1000 using the CUE button that was under the right side of the FX or listen through a channel that was not in use, but with the DJM 900 NXS2 the cue button is gone and other channel option does not work either.

I tried the master cue as well and nothing.

The reason i ask is that I need to be able hear the sample before i play it live to the crowd, 

 I don't own the new mixer, otherwise I would try to figure it out myself..

Thank You for any help.

Stephen Vinet



You set it up the same way as you did with the 900NXS, but now the Send/Return is on the top right side of the mixer.  You can turn it on/off and choose the 1/4 or USB.  Each channel has the ability to be set to return so you can monitor any channel by making that selection.

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