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Rekordbox Edit functionality

Based on non-destructive editing, fully develop this functionality so that it can match Serato Flip (i.e. with non-destructive edits being able to be played live via laptop AND on all-in-one standalones w/o laptop, without being first rendered to a new audio file).

Needing to export/render each edited track to its own file is *extremely* limiting compared to Serato Flip. As the Rekordbox Edit functionality stands today - with respect, I presume it is really just a 'concept version' at present :P

Would be great if the plan is to develop Edit so that it is better than Serato Flip and Studio combined :)


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Flip is different from EDIT mode. In Flip, you're basically recording performance actions in a macro for replay later, but it pretty much has to be recorded in realtime so you have to know what you're doing and when in order for proper "edits" to be made.

With the EDIT mode, it's like working in a very simplified DAW; as it's not realtime, you can take the opportunity to plan out the edit and make the necessary changes, whether it's repeating a segment or eliminating a portion of the song.

In addition, having the song rendered to a file also allows you to then export it for playback on a CDJ or other device, unlike a Flip, which requires you to be in Serato for that to function.

Please keep in mind that this is the first iteration of EDIT mode and we're certain to see improvements in it with future updates.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi, thank you Pulse, I hadn't appreciated the differences between Serato studio and flip - had presumed were the same. 

I think I was more meaning the functionality of studio, though I believe both can play different versions via non-destructive edit files.


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