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¿Are the headphones outputs of the XDJRX2 neutral?

Hi, maybe it's a very obvious question but I can't find an answer or information anywhere: ¿are the headphones outputs of the XDJRX2 neutral?

If I compare them with my audio interface or the headphone output of my iMac, the outputs of the XDJRX2 boosts the high frequencies noticeably.

I imagine that this is due to the fact that by enhancing, for example, the extreme frequencies, the silhouette of a song is better defined to preview it in a noisy environment, but to practice alone at home it seems very annoying because I prefer to listen to the songs in a neutral way

PD: before you ask me: I have several headphones, it has nothing to do with the interface, headphones, etc. I'm talking about the audio profile of the XDJRX2's headphone outputs (jack and minijack)