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Keyboard mapping for EQ bands

Hello Pioneer,

I was setting up a 4-deck keyboard mapping for RekordBox DJ (see here). For the situation when there is no controller nearby like during travel, etc.. Plus it's good fun to tinker with music in RekordBox DJ even without a controller.
I have noticed the EQ bands are not mappable. Where as volume fader, crossfader and all FX parameters can all be mapped to the keyboard.

I have found an old thread (here) that has stated: "the software is primarily designed for use with a hardware controller which would provide knobs to manipulate those functions". I'll not disagree with that: a physical knob have my preference too.
But given all the other above mentioned functions are available to be mapped on the keyboard. It would be great to see the EQ control functionality also be mappable. Right now it's somewhat of a hassle having to use a mouse/trackpad/touchscreen to control them.

While at it, how's the EQ kill mapping feature coming about? It's been a year ago from this post.

Thanks for your time and I hope your developers are willing to implement this fairly simple feature.

PS = The new EDIT mode is dope! Any plans to make it even better than Serato Studio?





+1. for EQ hotkey mapping

EQ Kill feature seems to be there by clicking on the name of the EQ channel and it highlights in blue.  A hotkey for this would be ideal.  As well as an EQ reset feature (reset EQ channels to 50%/default position).

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