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Pioneer HDJ X10

Hello guys, I recently got a pair of HDJ X10, they sound really awesome, except lack of bass for my personal taste. My question is are these good enough for music production (house and techno), precisely for mixing and mastering. I know a lot of producers use Sennheiser HD-25 for studio work, so these should be just fine, right? Thanks 🙂
Marko Markovic




I know im a solid 3 years late, but I just got my pair to replace my old HDJ 2000s (they still work, but have seen better days and lasted a decade) I find that the headphones really shine when ran through a mixer, interface or amp. Though testing it with my laptops port still yielded good sound. When I got home and got to test them while mixing I was blown away. I lost complete track of time, I hope the neighbors weren't pissed at a few hours of loud house.

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