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cdj 2000 nxs2 pro dj link support for V10

So the V10 has 6 channels.

As I luckily own a pair of cdj 3000`s and a pair of nxs2`s i would like to set up the NXS2`s on channel 2 and 5.

However the NXS2`s only support up to player "4" making this an odd configuration, setting one of the NXS2`s as player "1" on channel 5 on the V10. resulting in the "On air" red ring not lighting up as intended.

described her by Mojaxx in DJ Citys rewiev on the V10 at the minute mark 9:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wZYHl5-SM8&t=982s

The obvious solution is to have the NXS2 supporting beeing set up to player 5 and 6 as the cdj 3000`s


Hoping for a quick resolution

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Sorry, the networking module in the CDJ-2000's is not capable of addressing higher than 4, so unfortunately there are no updates that can be made to correct that, Sorry!

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I understand the network modul is lower spec than the 3000`s but still it is capable of 4 decks. How about sacrificing having it set to deck 1 ?

Ie: replace deck 1-4 with deck 2-5?

should be possible with a config change via a firmware update as an alternative for those who need it :)

Im sure im not alone with this issue..

please run it by the dev team 

Much appreciated in advance

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Sorry, it's not that it can't access 6 devices, it can't be assigned to player numbers higher than 4.

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