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Hi! I decided to make this post to congratulate Pioneer for the HDJ S7 headphones. I worked for almost 15 years as a DJ in Romania since 1994, when I played music on audio tapes :). Now, in my old age :(, I took a Pioneer SB3 console and I mix from time to time, only for our family and cat. Yesterday I went to a profile store in Bucharest, DJ Superstore, the family wanted to make me gift a pair of new headphones.There I tested with my ears of old DJ headphones: Sennheiser HD 25, Audio Technica M40x, Pioneer Cue 1, Pioneer X5, new Technics EAH DJ 1200, Beyerdinamic 770, Pioneer HDJ S7 and more ... After about 2 hours :) I chose: HDJ S7 are the coolest dj headphones I've ever listened to with my ears !!! It's like having 2 Dynacord speakers in your ears and letting them hit your eardrums. It's the first time I hear that sound that should help a DJ mix. All the dj headphone producers put a lot of bass and sub-bass on headphones that, as a DJ, you don't hear in the noisy environment in which you mix. S7 are the only headphones that don't go down with the bass sound so low, but the bass is more "slapped", a bit towards the middle. The headphones give you the opportunity to beatmatch and the highs are not flashy, although it would have been good if they had more highs ... In conclusion, congratulations for S7, I think you listened to the opinions of those in the dj and you did a good job. These headphones are very clean in sound, the bass is separated from medium and high and it's a pleasure to do cuering on them. Before buying them, I read a ton of reviews and charts on the net and none of them mentioned them. I was lucky with the salesman in the store who, seeing that I didn't want any kind of headphones, offered me to listen to them on the S7 as well. Ever since I put them in my ears, I said they were made by someone who knows what a DJ wants. Now I enjoy mixing on them and the only problem is that my son also wants to listen to their music. I will probably have to give her a pair as a gift, so that he doesn't touch my precious ones anymore :). Congratulations, Pioneer!!
Ionel Magureanu