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CDJ-3000 loop not triggering off touch screen as "hot cue"

Cool feature I used a lot on the NXS2's not on the 3000 is if you set a loop, now the touch screen shows the loop triggers like 2,4,8,16 and so on, if I hit "8" it would set the loop and I used to be able to  now use that 8 pad on the screen as almost a hot cue to hit it again exactly when I wanted to trigger it if it was off a little. Now if I hit 8 you can no longer hit it again to start it over if your a little off or want to drum with it before letting it loop on the 3000





here's a quick video


I set a 4 beat loop and then around 9 seconds I start hitting the "4" to start the loop over like you could on a NXS2, this is not available on the 3000, hoping its a future added feature. thanks!



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