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Export rekordbox 4 database to rekordbox 6

Hi everyone

Going through the long and painful process of upgrading kit, software and hardware!

I have a very old mac book pro (2011) which has rekordbox 4 on which I have used for years to perform with. This has Yosemite on it

I've now set up Rekordbox 6 on much newer macbok, bought some XDJ's etc and am trying to migrate the database from 4, over to 6.

I've followed the how to video: Copied my music folder to an external device, then exported the whole database to the same external device, then copied this music folder (100 odd gig) onto the computer, opened rekordbox and it's not picking anything up.

I've tried choosing the external HDD in preferences and re-starting - and only ahandful of files appear, but no playlists or anything. 


I've tried updating the 'rekordbox xml' imported library link to the xml file that rekordbox 4 generated. No luck.

Any ideas on how to handle this? It will take a year(!) to recreate everything

Thank you so much


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Hey Matthew,

When you opened rekordbox on the new computer, did you first point the rekordbox 6 install to the external drive for the database location?

If you're using the move method, it can be tricky when moving between versions, so the recommended way is Library > Backup (on 4) / Library > Restore (on 6).

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In addition, whilst all the playlists are appearing still on my old macbook, no tracks are appearing in my collection any more (even though they are on the HDD)



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