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4 Features to Rekordbox I would like

1. Hot cues in chronological order. Don't know if there's a reason this is not a feature that i'm not aware of cause i know there are others who requested this for some time now, but it would be helpful to have this as part of the software. 


2. Color coding the entire line of a track as it exists in Traktor. It would help the browser tremendously in find tracks that are coded much better than the color in just 1 column that also take up space on the screen when it don't have to if the line of tracks we colored... which brings me to point 3. 


3. Side scrolling for track titles that exceed the width of a column without having to widen a column. Sometime i constant hv to widen and close in columns for this and i'm sure it can be improved. Virtual DJ has it programmed in. 


4 The ability to enable auto settings for loading tracks such as reseting the EQ and FX that were used on the previous deck prior a mix. Also i u can include an auto 'cue' in relation to the headphones so only a loaded track would be cued in the headphones instead of having to manually do this everytime.