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Lack of Updates for the CDJ 3000


I know that this has been said a couple of times but this doesn't make it better. The CDJ 3000, your FLAGSHIP product, is now available for more than four month and still hasn't received any of the promised feature updates that were promised.

No news on the announced day mode, the gated cues, the compatibility of the DDJ XP range or any new feature that are possible because of the almighty new MPU. I bought my pair of CDJs after these features were promised in one of the early Q&As. Now four month after spending 4800€ I feel screwed over by Pioneer. At this product range I would have liked more transparency and communication. 

I know I will probably get the standard answer "we are working on it" or "we are currently optimizing for Big Sur".

Nevertheless this had to be said and can't be said often enough.

Greetings from Germany

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No news is good news... but I'll tell you I tested out a beta firmware today and it's got at least one amazing new feature.

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