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Can't select banks on RMX-1000


I bought a used RMX-1000. I've loaded sample banks onto an SD-card with Remixbox and plugged the SD-card into the RMX. When I start the device I see the bank numbers light up slowly and I asume they are being loaded into the device. When I press the [Bank] button, none of the bank numbers flash and when I press one of the FX buttons, like [KICK], together with [Bank], I only hear the kick. No bank is selected.

I've updated the firmware and am using the latest version of Remixbox. I have no USB cable attached to the device and have the USER mode selected. The changes to the scene fx work in user mode. The samples are .wav files and they play when I plug the SD card into my laptop.

Am I missing something or is the bank button broken?



Jan de Boer




Thanks for the tip! I'm not planning to use the VST though. Turns out the BANK button is broken. I did have a warranty on the device and it's been sent to a Pioneer repair shop to check it out.

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