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Related Tracks search criteria

Has "Release Date" been considered for adding to search criteria when building custom Related Tracks?  This was requested over 2 yrs ago.  Is it a no go or on the list?  

Release Date makes more sense than Date Added.  People download throwbacks all the time.  It would also allow us to build a more fine tuned "New Release" custom Related Track search.


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Workaround tip...

Use an intelligent list to sort by release date for 1 year, eg. 2019, then select all and add the YEAR - it will then be added to ALL selected songs:

Then you can use the YEAR criteria in the related playlists:

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Thanks for the response/feedback.  Intelligent playlist does an outstanding job of utilizing the actual "Release Date" data.  All of my tracks have excellent metadata, so the first step would not be needed.  I currently use intelligent to capture New Releases by Genre and can customize the intervals, "Release Date, is in the last, ??? day(s)".  I love this because it can be set and left alone/forgotten.  The work around you suggest restricts me to a year and would require changing each year and/or depending on where you are in the year.  PLEASE consider adding Release Date to related track searches in future update.

Thanks again for listening.    

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