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CDJ3000 Pro link to 2000nxs isssues


i have 2 cdj3000, 2000nxs2 nd a djm900nxs connected via pro link 

i have seen a lot of comments with regard to waveform issues which i have been experiencing thought different firewares (1.06,1.08,1,09 and 1.10) all with other bugs along the way including hot cues and loop issues.

one other thing i see a lot is that if i'm linked to rekordbox export Via a 3000 USB, sometimes the source on the players will disappear off all players and will only come back if i disconnect the 2000nxs2's from the pro link? 

i have also noticed that the beatgrid meter with judder if you move the jog wheel but only if the 2000nxs2 are on the link?

are all these issuse due to the 3000s and 2000nxs working differently on the prolink and theres a conflict between them?

any advise would be appreciated because at present it seems the few (bug fix) updates we have had are making thing worse and its been almost a year with no stand out features add as we was promised .

i have always been a pioneer fan but even i'm starting to think why am i paying all this money for products that just isn't up to the standard. 


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Thanks for your feedback - many of these issues are on our fix list and we do have some updates in the pipeline for coming firmware updates Your patience is appreciated!

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