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CDJ 3000 weird beat counter behavior

I am not sure if this was already reported or if this relates to the incorrect behavior of the phase display but I noticed that from time to time, the beat counter position of one of the players is about 00.1 ahead of the other one even the tracks are 100% matching and their grids are aligned. This happened between 2 3000's and also in combination with XDJ 1000 so its definitely on the 3000 side.

As I have been going through other posts reporting weird sync behaviors, I noticed that there is some problem with displaying the phase meter yet the sync behaves correctly - well, I am not so sure

I have been playing the same tracks I am usually playing on all other cdj models I meet in the wild and I must say that I am not sure that the behavior of the beat sync is correct... It's known that the phase sync meter is off but so does the sound when the beat sync is engaged - I have to do a manual adjustment to get two tracks in real sync and the beat sync doesn't sound reliable at all and its off very often even on proven tracks syncing accurately on other players.

I really hope this is some thing the dev team is looking into... :)