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CDJ-2000 nxs2 Audio only playing out one speaker when playing with USB loaded with tracks

Here is my current setup:

-2x CDJ 2000 Nxs2

-1 DJM 900 Nxs2

-1 Macbook Air w/Rekordbox

-Connected via 3 USB cables and USB hub to Macbook AIr

This setup works perfectly and all audio is coming out of both speakers clearly. 

Where I run into problems is switching the setup and using USB loaded with rekordbox analyzed tracks instead of the laptop. 

With this setup I have connected the CDJs via Pro DJ Link w/Ethernet.  The left CDJ is working perfectly but the right CDJ is only playing audio through the left speaker output.  The headphones I have connected to the DJM 900nxs2 are also only playing through the left headphone for the track on the right CDJ. 

I switched the wires and it looks like the issue is still the right CDJ.  Any ideas on why this would suddenly happen when using a USB stick instead of the laptop setup?  


Brian Keenan